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Railway operators and maintainers

vmRail - The on-board railway track & vehicle monitoring system

vmRail is the first reliable and cost affordable technology able to combine sensor networks, computer simulation and signal processing to evaluate the state of railways and rolling stocks by comparing track geometry irregularities data and wear & fatigue evolution in real time.

Therefore, vmRail simultaneously improves vehicle and track maintenance operations, ride safety, and passenger comfort.

Bonus! Virtualmech has been granted with SME Instrument support for the Phase I for proof-of-concept:

Our track measurement and safety monitoring device, vmRail, obtained high marks in the areas of market impact, excellence, and quality and efficiency of implementation, because its innovative, applied and profit-oriented benefits.


vmRail allows to improve simultaneously maintainance operations on track, and the comfort and safety of the passengers in a time in which market keeps demanding decreasing costs while maintaining the quality of the service.