Virtualmech born in the year 2009 from the initiative of three professors of the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, University of Seville.

The technology used in Virtualmech is based on their experience in Multibody System Dynamics after several years devoted to research. The objective of drawing a bridge over the empty space between theory and practice pushes our technical team to create this spin-off company.

The technology used in Virtualmech (Multibody System Dynamics, MSD) is fully developed at a practical level but continuing progress in research. In fact, the technical team members of Virtualmech have developed career in academic research on different countries.

Since its inception Virtualmech has been supported by the University of Seville, which awards a prize for entrepreneurship on May 7, 2009. Virtualmech joins Campus Project, a program of economic incentives created by the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia (IDEA) of the Department of Innovation, Science and Enterprise.


The objective of Virtualmech is development of technologies based on computational mechanics in order to improve the design of machines, vehicles, and industrial equipment.


Virtualmech seeks to become an international reference in computational mechanics, capable of developing the most innovative technologies. Become the leader of R&D to guide the future engineering and that brings together researchers and most important scientists in the world.


To achieve this position, chronologically the first goal of the company is to develop disruptive technologies in the fields of Mechanics and Mechatronics. And within this areas of knowledge, now focusing on the railway and solar thermal energy sectors.

In the coming years, as has been happened in the last five, the company will choose to select the most qualified staff from its position of spin off of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Seville. This access to the brightest records and this commitment to R&D has allowed us to have highly qualified human resources. We will keep to maintain this policy.

Within two years, we will have our own technologies that will allow us to grow as company and have greater financial resources to be able to continue increasing its main asset, highly qualified human resources.

In this way, to achieve the expected grow and increase our size to gain visibility and prestige, the company is implementing an essential plan of internationalization for the desired expansion.

The company invests in people to reach a hardly imitable knowledge. Knowledge becomes a barrier for our competitors.