Virtualmech potential customers are large and small companies from different sectors, apart from the Mechanical Engineering industry. This offer is focused on the development of technical solutions based on computer simulation using Multibody System Dynamics.
Large companies can have its own department of research with experts in computer simulation. For these businesses, Virtualmech offers advice, networking and training on very specific issues in the field of MSD, while simulators with the highest performance. For small or medium companies, which does not have specially trained professionals, Virtualmech offers simulators which are economic, accurate, realistic and, above all, really useful and easy to use.
  • Existing Customers
  • Virtualmech develops simulation applications for the company from Seville Hidral SA, dedicated to the manufacture of hydraulically actuated machines and elevators.
  • Potential Customers
  • Any company engaged in designing and manufacturing products in general, including for example, the automobile industry or those who design, build, or using complex machinery and dangerous driving.
Here is a complete listing of the projects carried out by Virtualmech:
Simulation of Human Walking

Simulation of human walking with unilateral gait disorders.

Dynamic simulation of rigid and flexible bodies

Dynamic simulation of rigid and flexible multibody systems in terms of absolute coordinates

Short Electrodynamc Tether WP-200

Development of simulation software to study the dynamics of “tether” structures based on Multibody Dynamics Techniques:

Dynamic simulation of the ASL mechanism

This project deals with the simulation of the mechanical behavior of a structure designed to connect tankers at sea in storm conditions.

Simulation of railroad vehicle/track dynamics

Development of the dynamic simulation software of rail vehicles that is knowadays used by FRA (Federal Railroad Administration).

Dynamic analysis of ultra-slender rods/filaments.

Application to the modeling of DNA helices and electrodynamic spinning tether structures.


High temperature and pressure receiver for Hybrid Solar systems with combined cycle and gas turbine

TES tanks.
vmelevator for Hidral S.A.

Virtualmech has developed an elevator design tool for Hidral S.A. In particular, Virtualmech's simulator has been specially designed for electrical driven elevators, to suit Hidral's needs on the design of their new line of electrical driven elevators. Vmelevator is composed by a user-friendly GUI that allows the designer to achieve its initial design as a mathematical Multibody System.

Design of guide rail cross-section

Mathematical optimization of the cross-section of guide rails for elevator systems, electric and hydraulic driven.

R&D consultancy

Improvement of lift equipment in comfort, noise, vibrations, etc.

Structural checkings
ATRIA FS: thermal loss tanks foundation

FEM simulations for the foundations thermal loss of the molten salts energy storage tanks.
Finite Differences ad-hoc software for the same calculations with extra cooling pipes.

SefFer: Software for Railroad vehicles

Virtualmech develops embedded software for the real-time evaluation of the safety of railroad vehicles


vmRail - The on-board railway track & vehicle monitoring system